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Out of the Easy is anything but...

Out of the Easy - Ruta Sepetys

I'm going to try something new and I was inspired by a friend from high school to do this. I recently spoke about a book hangover from reading Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys. Absolutely nothing else has come close to capturing my attention. She has become my favorite author bypassing the amazing Harper Lee. I KNOW! Not that To Kill a Mockingbird isn't still one of my favorite books of all time, but Ruta Sepetys weaved a story I felt more connected to, and I'm not entirely sure why.


Anyway - a brief summary, that's my new goal:


Opening line - "My mother's a prostitute." Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys covers the life of a young girl trying to overcome her circumstances in 1950s New Orleans. She wants to get out, but can't quite find her way. It's a Southern novel that combines deception and secrets with love and devotion. It is a literary piece that reminds the reader that our choices, not our station, shape our destination.



An absolute MUST READ!



For more about author Ruta Sepetys, visit her website at: http://rutasepetys.com


New to booklikes...

I've stumbled upon this website and I'm not 100% on how it works, but I figured it was for book lovers, and that's me. Hoping to find some time to review a little something soon!